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As International patient facilitators we know that you will be embarking on one of the biggest and most special journeys of your life. Egg Donors Miracles will offer legal expertise, world class fertility specialists, caring and compassionate surrogacy journey coordinators and the commitment to build honest and healthy relationships with our Intended Parents.

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Discover personalized and compassionate IVF services tailored to your unique journey.



Experience the transformative journey of ROPA IVF, fostering equal partnership and shared parenthood, exclusively with Egg Donors Miracles.



Explore the extraordinary possibilities of building your family through our exceptional egg donation services



Empower your family planning journey with our advanced gender selection services



Explore the opportunity to grow your family through our trusted sperm donation services



Ensure a healthy and successful pregnancy journey with our advanced preimplantation genetic diagnosis services


Surrogacy at EDM

Genetic parents of the future baby will be offered a full package of services, which cover:

  • Assistance in selecting and screening a potential surrogate mother.

  • Assistance with an egg donor program if needed by the intended parents.

  • In vitro fertilisation procedure with a local egg donor.

  • All medical support and screening of pregnancy during the pregnancy term.

  • Emotional, psychological and social support for the Surrogate Mother.

  • Assistance in the delivery of the baby and legal assistance in obtaining a Mexican birth Certificate where both parents will be featured.

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What We Offer


  • Experience working with leading IVF Center

  • Large and diverse network of egg donors, sperm donors & surrogates

  • Varied fertility and surrogacy program flexible consults with leading fertility specialist

  • Legal surrogacy support

  • LGBTQ+ couples will both feature as parents on the birth certificate

  • Fertility specialists and surrogacy journey coordinators for Intended Parents

Blake the Drake and the Enchanting Egg

We’re excited to share this inspiring story by one of our clients who embarked on the journey to parenthood through our surrogacy program.

Inspired by his own experience as a gay man becoming a father, the book recounts the challenges of finding an egg donor and surrogate, leading to the moment he held his daughter, for the first time in 2015.

Creating a magical tale of Blake the Drake to explain his daughters birth, this book offers encouragement to others in similar situations, showing that with determination, anything is possible. It celebrates every child born into non-traditional families, reassuring them of the love and belonging they deserve.

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On June 8, 2021, the Supreme Court of Justice declared that Surrogacy is completely legal in Mexico for home parental families, single women or single men, and of any Nationality. The Inter-American Court has recognized the right of access to Assisted Reproductive Techniques to achieve the birth of a child, in reference to couples with infertility problems. In this sense and considering that the right to become a father or mother is understood to be given to every person, without distinction in terms of sexual preference, as prescribed in article 1 of the Constitution and 1 of the American Convention on Human Rights, therefore, the right to access the advances of science in the field of assisted reproduction, and to become a father through these methods, must be recognized and respected. Art. This Constitution shall be the Supreme Law of the entire Union. The constitutional laws approved by the Congress of the Union that emanate from it and all the treaties that are in accordance with it celebrated and that are celebrated by the President of the Republic, with the approval of the Senate, will have primacy over ordinary federal laws. , constitutions and other local laws. The judges of the federative entities will adhere to the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States, constitutional laws, and treaties, despite the provisions to the contrary that may exist in the constitutions or laws of the states. The international treaties concluded in accordance with this Constitution, once published, will form part of the internal legal system. Its provisions may only be repealed, modified or suspended in the manner provided for in the treaties themselves or in accordance with the general norms of international law. The treaties related to human rights, signed and ratified by the Mexican State, have a constitutional hierarchy and prevail in the internal legal order, to the extent that they do not contain regulations on their enjoyment and exercise that alter the guarantees and rights established by this fundamental law. for man and citizen.

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